bakers photo booths

For each event, we customize our filmstrips to fit perfectly with your occasion. We can include names, dates, images, logos, quotes and much more! If you have an image or design, we can put it on your filmstrip!


Our most popular filmstrip style is the 3 photo layout. This allows more design room when working with large images such as logos or clipart. The 4 photo layout is perfect for filmstrips designed with mainly text or smaller images. Both of these layouts are 2x6 and include two prints per session. However, our postcard layout is a 4x6, with only one print per session. This works great with large graphic designs or having the preference of a larger photo printout. Below are just a few samples of past events.

  • 3 photo layout
  • 2x6 filmstrip
  • Two prints per session
  • 4 photo layout
  • 2x6 filmstrip
  • Two prints per session
  • Postcard layout
  • 4x6 filmstrip
  • One print per session